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By combining rich content with the power of the web, tekReader provides an immersive eReader experience within a self-contained, discoverable and interactive online environment. There is nothing to download or install!

If web browsers are found on every mobile device, notebook and desktop computer then so is tekReader. It represents one publishing path that simultaneously delivers "single source of truth" content to over 3000 combinations of operating systems, devices and web browsers.

tekReader has been developed with years of information management and web development experience. It is managed in the cloud and is available and accessible now, eliminating any need for costly application development initiatives.

Websites now take visitors down an exceptional UX path but once the corporate publications section is reached there is a plethora of PDF documents. PDF is print-focused, tekReader is pure digital - liberate your content!

tekReader allows for vast reductions in document distribution issues, publishing overheads, time-to-market and compliance issues.

tekReader is API first. Access APIs to integrate with existing web platforms like Saleforce.com, PayPal and Canvas. Use tekReader as an analytics enabler - track/report on user metrics.


  • Responsive

    Read/interact on any device/desktop computer

  • Notes

    Create, edit, index or remove notes

  • Graphics

    SVG and web graphic viewers

  • Tables

    Render and display complex tables

  • Customisation

    Open web technologies and API first

  • Pagination

    Turn pages, single/double page layouts

  • Bookmark

    Insert/remove bookmarks from document pages

  • Equations

    Render and display mathematical equations

  • Multilingual

    View documents using multiple languages

  • Settings

    Update passwords, sign in/out and more

  • Viewing/Nav

    Multiple viewing options and navigational aids

  • Revisions

    Identify revisions & display related metadata

  • Definitions

    View definition/glossary terms on document pages

  • Search

    Search text, keyword auto-complete and history

  • Themes

    Corporate branding, recognise & trust

  • OfflineBETA

    Take documents and tekReader offline

  • Links

    Link within, to and outside of documents

  • Multimedia

    Render and display multimedia components

  • Feedback

    Collect, capture and disseminate feedback

  • Print

    Print screen or equivalent PDF document


  • Low cost barrier
  • Up and running quickly
  • Secure and flexible
  • open web standards
  • managed in the cloud
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Little, or no support needed
  • Analytics enabler