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tekPublish is a desktop utility, that combined with tekAuthor and tekReader provides a streamlined and automated publishing platform. This self contained utility allows for authors and editors to have full control of their document publishing outcomes.

As the control centre for publishing it provides the "smart glue" between document creation and the delivery platform. The tekPublish UI allows for easy setup of document projects and publishing options that can be used over and over again for instant document access to the masses.


  • User Credentials

    Authentication and authorisation methods to control who publishes.

  • Content Types

    Publish structural content types inherent to technical publications.

  • Quality Assurance

    Content validation and semantic checks based on template being used.

  • Workflow

    Collect, aggregate, organise, assemble and publish content.

  • Ancillary Files

    Publish customised CSS, JSON to change the look and feel of document.

  • Cross-References

    Insert IDs, auto-numbers and update/resolve cross-references on-the-fly.

  • Content lists

    Generate lists of contents, figures and tables that update automatically.

  • Graphics

    Automatically extract and re-factor graphics for web publishing.

  • Customise

    Base product can be customised to cater for publishing needs.


  • Low cost barrier
  • Up and running quickly
  • Streamline/automate workflow
  • Easy setup for publishing jobs
  • Instant updates to the masses
  • Deliver quality docs to cloud
  • Publish large docs in minutes
  • Little, or no support needed