Read and interact with technical documents from any web enabled mobile device or desktop computer using tekReader.

  • create transparency
  • promote knowledge-sharing
  • reduce document distribution issues
  • cut delivery costs while improving time-to-market
  • track and report on user metrics

tekReader is not PDF. It renders and displays structured content for an optimal online experience and is the best solution for a device agnostic, innovative eReader in a browser.


PageSeeder is a 2-in-1 web-based application for hierarchical authoring and team collaboration.

Bring authoring teams together in a cross-functional, role and context dependent web environment.

PageSeeder supports peer-to-peer review, annotation and customised workflows to assist with the delivery of mission-critical documentation.

tekAuthor is an XML application that was developed using Adobe® FrameMaker®.

An ideal solution for individual authors who want to dip their toes into structured authoring and easily publish high quality documentation for print and online.


How well content is modelled, stored, managed, organised and even “written” is the most important factor when publishing to multiple channels.

There are over 3,000 combinations of operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices so the world of publishing has become very challenging.

Our publishing engine provides a low cost barrier for entry and streamlines processes and workflows while automating repetitive publishing tasks.

Publish large/complex documents in minutes to a single-source-of-truth (URLs) with instant updates to the masses!

smart content

Content that contains rules for structure and richness through metadata is coined as smart content (XML).

It provides efficient storage, re-use and dissemination of content to multiple publishing channels and automates publishing workflows and processes.

Our XML vocabularies for individual authoring are based on simple content models that provide high quality outcomes.

Team based authoring adopts a DITA architecture without using complex DITA vocabularies.

This bottom-up approach makes it easy for authors to concentrate on writing and not the underlying XML technologies.


tekReader is a progressive web application that is managed in a secure, high performance cloud infrastructure through our Rackspace hosting provider.

We use continuous delivery methodologies through open source frameworks backed by our Client Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

tekReader is API first for integration with other web platforms and an analytics enabler that can track and report on user metrics.

PageSeeder has been running on Amazon AWS since 2007. Developers are not an afterthought as all the PageSeeder functionality is exposed through a complete set of XML / JSON REST-like services.