The Solution


Innovative HTML5 eReader
  • Cross platform, device independent HTML5 eReader
  • Secure and flexible "managed" document delivery model in the cloud
  • Intuitive, clean UI that responds & adapts to any screen/browser size
  • Access professional, high quality documentation via friendly URLs
  • Offline storage, SVG, complex tables, equations, multiple languages (RTL) & more
  • APIs for easy integration & communication with other web platforms
  • Reduce documentation distribution issues, decrease costs & improve time-to-market
  • Admin portal, track & report user metrics, streamline compliance issues


Automates and streamlines publishing processes
  • XSLT publishing engine that transforms all flavours of XML to tekReader
  • Collect, aggregate, organise & assemble content
  • Access publishing options via an easy-to-use front end
  • Validate against various DTDs/Schemas with QA check stops
  • Extract & refactor graphics, generate ancillary files and IDs, control auto-numbers ... all on-the-fly
  • Round trip back to tekAuthor
  • Control who can publish through authentication & authorisation methods
  • Customise & extend to cater for organisational publishing needs


Simple content models makes it easy-to-use
  • XML authoring environment developed using Adobe® FrameMaker®
  • Simple content models that support all technical document structures
  • Increase readability, reduce errors, decrease downstream publishing costs through structured content
  • Enhance overall accuracy & consistency of documentation content
  • First step in end-to-end, fully automated & streamlined publishing process
  • Support for XML standards based authoring (DITA, S1000D and Docbook)
  • Support for MathML, Oasis Table Module & multiple languages, including right-to-left
  • Option for publishing to paper based PDF (if necessary)