"The ramp up time for agents to learn and understand our content has increased exponentially since using tekReader!"

The NSWEC "Elector Enquiry Centre" is a service that facilitates electors' telephone and email enquiries. A few months before an election the "Elector Enquiry Centre" is ramped up with agent resources culminating with approximately 90+ who handle 85,000+ phone calls over a 2 month period.

For the upcoming NSW State Election being held on the 28th of March 2015, the agents will use tekReader to look up and answer electors' queries. The "Elector Enquiry Centre" Reference Document has been published to tekReader and will run from Internet Explorer 11 desktop web browsers.

The tekReader team also set up, and continually maintains, the agent user accounts and access to secure documents. Our automated publishing system allows for instant updates to tekReader in the cloud with conditions on whether the agents see State Government, Local Government, or both types of content.

tekReader is device agnostic so agents can use their own personal mobile devices anywhere and anytime to access documents. This allows them to gain knowledge quickly about New South Wales State and Local Government elections so that they can be delivered successfully.

This is another great example of what tekReader can do for a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) working environment!