Combine smart content with the power of the web

tekReader provides an immersive eReader experience within a self-contained, discoverable and interactive online environment.

Transform mission-critical documentation from static PDF to high performing digital assets while providing an exceptional user experience on any mobile device or desktop browser.

tekReader includes a sleek, intuitive, and powerful user interface that is managed in the cloud with nothing to download.

"The Earth is 4.6 BILLION years old. Scaling to 46 years we’ve been here 4 HOURS and our Industrial Revolution began just 1 MINUTE ago … in that time we’ve destroyed more than 50 PERCENT of the world’s forests."
Adopt tekReader and help save the planet!

tekReaders' supporting cast

How does content get to tekReader in the cloud?

tekAuthor, tekPublish and PageSeeder make up tekReaders' supporting cast and are the interlocking pieces for the product platform.

tekReader for Individual Authors consists of tekAuthor and tekPublish. This combination provides a powerful solution for individuals, or small groups of technical writers.

tekReader for Authoring Teams includes PageSeeder. It brings together authoring teams within a cross-functional, role and context dependent web environment and adds peer-to-peer review, annotation and workflow capability to assist with the delivery of mission-critical documentation.

"With my experience in digital production, I was impressed with the simplicity and power of the work-flow in building texts which included many complex equations."
Digital Production Manager, Class2Digital, Quebec Canada

Showcase Documents

Access and view examples using tekReader from our showcase documents page.